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Calling 2015 Brides...


Happy New Year Brideys!

I wonder how many of you woke up on New Year's Day and thought "WEEEEEEEE! I'M GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!!", swiftly followed by "ARGH! SO MUCH TO DO!"

Suddenly, it all becomes very real when you realise you will be saying 'I do' in a matter of months, and these months are going to whizz right by, I tell you now!

Some brides are super organised and have spreadsheets with a million different pages, listing every last detail from placenames to order of service and everything in between. I live in awe of these people. If you are one of these brides I applaud you and your colour-coded file full of to-do lists, booking confirmations and balance sheets!

You might have guessed I wasn't one of these brides. I work better under pressure and although I like to be organised at work, I was definitely a last minute lady whilst planning  our nuptials. Take the day before the wedding for example. I had visualised fluffy robes and girly pampering in the day, followed by a relaxed and nostalgic family meal, a glass or two of champagne and then early to bed for some beauty sleep. In reality, we were dressing our venue, arranging flowers and hand-writing place names late into the eve of our wedding. Although this was not the relaxing way I planned to spend the day before, in hindsight I wouldn't have had it any other way. This eleventh hour habit is something I share with all my family, so it was only fitting that we should celebrate my last day as an unmarried daughter and sister working as part of a team in this crazy chaos: the storm before the calm.

After divulging the above information, I cannot expect you to take advice from myself on wedmin related organisation, so I am now happy to pass you on to my beautiful friend, fashion and lifestyle blogger and Agapé Bride-to-be Sarah, whose organisation skills I have admired since playgroup when all her ducks were-quite literally- in a row...


Image by Jessica Marchetti

"Well, what an intro. It's true- I am a bit of a nut when it comes to organisation- so much so that I earned myself the nickname of 'Monica' at school after the beloved friends character with a penchant for alphabetising her entire life. I'm not *that* bad but I have been know to embark on holidays with a plastic folder of everyone's tickets, itineraries and plans. It's just something I do. I organise-it doesn't mean I'm a fun free zone-it means I'm mostly a stress free one and believe me, when you're organising your wedding this is what you need; to be as kind to yourself as possible. It is a magical time but it is also a very highly-pressured one and who wants rogue grey hairs from strain on their wedding day? Certainly not I!

I got engaged in November and I'm getting married in July. Yes-that will be a 9 month engagement. I'm not entirely sure how the date kept creeping further and further forward but it has and I am nothing if not an embracer of challenges. Over the coming crucial weeks I am going to have my i's dotted and my t's crossed so here are a few suggestions on how to keep on top of it all:


If, like me, you're not one of those lucky brides who can afford to employ someone to plan The Big Day for you then a wedding planning journal is a must. There are a vast amount available online, some go down to the finest details like "How many doves to be released..." (I kid you not). And others, like the one I opted for, cover all the bases you need, keep a running tally of expenses and inject some fun into the situation so you don't lose sight of the end goal- marrying the person you love. Mine is cheerful and to the point and available here

Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Altrincham-Wedding Planner


I know it's much more interesting to think about table decorations, guest favours and hen do activities but these can be dealt with later. What needs to be nailed down first is the church/venue you want to get married in, the reception venue, the finalised guest list and any accommodation required. Trust me- once those details are defined you will enjoy the other details so much more.

Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Altrincham-Wedding-Venue


I mentioned the guest list in point 2 but it's obviously a huge factor. My mum said something really interesting to me when I told her about our day/evening lists and it made a huge difference. She said: "Make sure you have those important to you there so you have a full dancefloor and a good party on your hands." And she's right. I *know* you may feel that you should invite second-cousin Shirley's boyfriend's son; but at the cost of an active member of your life who you want there to toast you? No. I can't go for that.

Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Altrincham-Wedding-Guests


I am a control freak. I accept this. I like to do things on my own and I struggle with delegation but this is one task where I've had to admit partial defeat. I need my fiancé, not only to calm me when I can't find the perfect shade of ribbon for the invitations, but actually to organise with me. I think too many brides-to-be take this enormous assignment on alone and it's simply impossible. You need your partner, your mum, your sister, your best friend etc. to help you with it. Admit it. It's so much nicer to discuss flower arrangements with someone than to be standing on your own in the florist cursing yourself for refusing to let those who you love help you. And it heightens the excitement to be able to natter away about things that to most people would sound dull but to you and those who are important to you are thrilling.

Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Altrincham-Wedding-Bubbles


Maybe not just bubbles but certainly remember to relax a bit along the way. My lovely other half has, in recent weeks, been known to recognise when I am on the cusp of a meltdown. He simply hands me a glass of bubbles (prosecco is always, always chilled in our house) and tells me to go and take a long bath with my book. It's amazing what a break can do to clear your mind and re-focus you on what's important.


Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Altrincham-Wedding-Celebration

Thanks Monica...sorry...Sarah... for your pearls of bridal wisdom! If you like Sarah's way with words, be sure to check out her fashion & lifestyle blog:  (although you will experience some house/wardrobe envy.)

We asked how you like to get organised on our facebook page: as well as also having a lovely wedding planning journal of her own, Agapé bride Kate reccommended using One Note which can be shared with her fiancé- very clever! Helen mentioned the trusty spreadsheet which is a wedding planning must for budget savvy brides, and Laura likes to lay everything out on the floor and write lots of lists! How about you? How organised do you feel, and do you have any top tips? Do share! x






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