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If you are planning a hen do for a music loving, wellie wearing, glamping kind of gal, then a festival theme hen do will have you dancing for joy! Our lovely friends (and experts) at HenBox have shared with us their 10 top tips for planning a Boho Hen Do.

1. Consider the Bride to Be

The most important consideration when planning a hen party is the bride to be. Prior to organising anything make sure that you sit down with the hen and run through exactly what she is expecting from her hen do. Does she want a wild night out in a city or does she want to be pampered to perfection in a spa or does it lie somewhere in between? Whatever your boho bride's to be decides her perfect hen do is you can easily incorporate a festival theme through your use of accessories and decorations. Recreate the festival vibe whether you are planning a cottage break, a garden party or a night out!

2. Get Inspired!

You don't need to look far for inspiration for a festival theme hen party.  Check out Poppy Delevingne's Coachella hen do and boho princess Tatiana Santo Domingo's  stunning hen do. Our Boho Hen Party Pinterest board should give you some more ideas on how to master the festival vibe. 

3. Get a Guest List

Make sure you grill the bride to be on who should be attending the hen party. It will be a stressful and emotional time for her and with all her focus on the wedding she may not think about the hen do guest list until too late! Make sure you understand who should be attending early and, most importantly, send out some invitations early in the process to ensure everyone can attend!

4. Set a Budget

Setting a budget is likely to be the most difficult part of planning the hen do. It is important to give the bride to be exactly what she wants but it is also important that you consider everyone’s budget and realise that different people are likely to have different expectations of what the hen party will consist of and therefore different budgets! Communication is key- let everyone attending know the budget for the hen party and what they are expected to pay for accommodation, activities, drinks and transport. Make sure they realise what is included and what is not! We advise setting up a separate dedicated account early in the process that attendees can pay into each month. This should take the sting out of paying for the hen do in full.

5. Games

Hen nights are normally attended by a range of people who have never met each other in their lives! Their one thing in common is the bride and they may not initially have anything to say to each other. Break the ice and get the party started with some fun hen party games. Check out our Top 10 hen party games for some inspiration.

6. Accessories

Break all the rules on your festival hen party by ditching the L plates and dressing up in a gorgeous boho outfit. Accessories are everything when it comes to nailing festival chic so make sure you check out our range of floral head garlands and hen party accessories!

7. Party Decorations

Once you are styled to boho perfection it is important to make sure that your venue is also channelling that festival vibe! We have a wide range of bunting, garlands, food and table decorations and paper straws that will let you bring a touch of Glastonbury to any venue.

8. Get Snap Happy

The hen do is likely to go past in the blink of an eye and the bride to be may not get to see everything. Make sure you get snap happy with your camera phone so she can have a peek at all the action that she missed out on. Don’t forget to set up a specific hashtag for the hen night so everyone attending can share their photos together on Instagram. We would love you to add #henboxparties to your photos too so we can also have a good nose. There is nothing we like more than looking at a great hen do!

9. Get a Killer Playlist

If you are throwing a festival theme hen party is super important to totally nail the playlist. Make sure you ask the Bride to Be what her favourite tunes are and incorporate them with some festival classics. In homage to Dolly Parton headlining Glastobury we think you should make sure that Jolene and Islands in the Stream get played as loud as possible!

10. Have fun!#

Just remember to have fun! It is a lot of responsibility to organise a hen do and can be a stressful process. Try not to worry too much on the day and let your hair down and have a party!

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