Team Agapé on Tour...

Hello lovelies!

Happy Friday! Last weekend Team Agapé descended on the seaside village of Abersoch...

The lovely Agapé ladies can’t make it to my main hen do in July, so we decided to have a mini work hen in Abersoch- although as it turns out there was nothing mini about it! Here's  a round-up of what we got up to…

Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-Hot-Tub Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-Car-Kareoke Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-Frozen-Margaritas Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-Party-Opener Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-Alex-loving-life Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-view

Our weekend consisted mainly of: car kareoke, wine, cocktails, dancing, silly games, a surprise Motown party, funny wigs, chick flicks, synchronised swimming in the hot tub, a nice dose of the great outdoors, and of course cake...lots of cake.

Thanks so much to my Agapé fam for such an amazing time! I love surprises, and my girls didn’t disappoint!

These ladies know me very well, and it was my idea of the perfect girly weekend. So, here is my recipe for a great girly do:

Agapé- Bridal-Boutique-Cheshire-Hen-Do-Summary

It appears that beverages feature quite heavily...oops! Have I missed anything out? What would your ideal hen do entail? And how much (or little) involvement are you having in the planning of your ‘do?

Alex xx

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