You're so vain...


I bet you think this post is about you…

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Is it just me, or does planning your wedding make you really vain? Not surprising really, considering the daunting prospect of dozens of pairs of eyes fixed on you for an entire day….

 I’ve always had a rather lackadaisical attitude towards my looks- ' I'd like to lose half a stone..Ooh cake! ' -but there’s nothing like your own wedding for motivating you to give your diet and exercise regime a bridal overhaul. As someone who has never been hugely into make-up, I have recently developed a dangerous obsession with extravagant cosmetics (Bobbi Brown is my new BFF), and also a penchant for luxury spa treatments. All of which are not doing my  purse strings any favours...

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Rather than just keep all of my exercise experimentation, health food habits and hair & make up musings to myself, I have decided to share them with you lovely people in an aptly named series of posts: You’re so vain. First stop, my 5 day juice cleanse with Succo Juicery- yum!


The most important thing I have learned in my quest for bridal perfection?

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Well said Theo. I don’t think there is anything unnatural about wanting to be the best version of you for your wedding day, but be sure to stay true to yourself- it’s your too close together/far apart eyes/fluffy hair/nobbly knees and -believe it or not-  wobbly bits- he loves, not the perfectly toned bronzed goddess you have on your secret pin board…

Keep it real ladies xx




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