You're So Vain...Succo Juice Cleanse

Warning…This may make you feel amazing!


Hello lovelies, today I am going to tell you about a juice cleanse I tried with the fabulous Succo Juicery, Hale.




If you haven’t heard of the juicing revolution sweeping the nation, where have you been?! I for one am a fan. Drinking nutrient dense juice that has been freshly extracted from vegetables and fruits is a great way to detox, and doing a juice cleanse for a few days is a healthy way to drop a few pounds quickly.

I have been into juicing for a while now and I love it. What I think is so great about these little bursts of nutrition is how many essential vitamins and minerals you can get in one hit. The only drawback I have found is the time it takes to shop for, and then make all the different juices and to clean my beloved juicer. As busy working ladies who are squeezing wedding planning into all our free time, there is not much space for time consuming diet & exercise regimes in our lives!


So, I was delighted when Succo Juicery opened their doors nearby, and solved all of my juicing dilemmas. This gem of a place serves up delicious fresh juices, as well as salads and a yummy broccoli & quinoa soup. They also offer a one day, three day or five day juice cleanse, where they deliver a vibrant menu of cold pressed juices to your door on a daily basis. The convenience of this is fantastic. Having the juices cold pressed means even more of the nutrients are maintained than with a standard juicer, and I do declare you can taste the goodness! Amongst my favourite flavours were the carrot cleanse and beet juice, but for a lovely treat the last juice of the day is a smooth chocolatey blend of almond milk, chia seeds and cacao powder-yum.


I did a five day cleanse with Succo, lost 5lbs and had a super flat stomach with no bloating- great result! However, other effects of the cleanse were even better- I felt light, vibrant and full of energy. When you have only been putting fresh nutritious juices into your body for five days, that body is now a temple and you want to keep it that way, so this is an excellent way to kick start a healthy new you.  Check out my diary of a juice cleanse below:


Day one:

I am full of motivation as I sip juice number one-carrot cleanse-with enthusiasm. While Sara tucks in to her meal deal next to me at lunch time it dawns on me that I will not be eating any solid food for the next five days…*sob* I am enjoying the juices though and the cacao/almond milk at the end of the day vaguely resembles a chocolate milkshake and is a yummy treat.

Day two:

Feeling lovely and light this morning! Usually the withdrawal from sugar/caffeine etc is supposed to hit on day 2, but apart from food envy at lunch time I seem to have swerved this which is good.

Day 3:

After a fantastic night’s sleep I am feeling tip top…Can’t resist hopping on the scales this am to reveal I have already dropped 3lbs: result! Fantastic for a bit of a mid-week motivation, only two days to go…

Day 4:

I’ve got to say I am really looking forward to eating some proper food! Interestingly though, the meal I am mostly fantasising about is the huge rainbow salad I am planning to have for lunch on Saturday with crunchy carrots and red cabbage, creamy avocado and shredded spinach…no naughty Saturday crisps will be invited into this clean lean stomach this weekend!

Day 5:

Made it! Wow, this week has flown by- and it has been so lovely and convenient having all my meals prepared and delivered to my door by nice friendly faces from Succo. Results? skin is glowing, hair is shining, belly is flat and I can go away this weekend 5lbs lighter- what’s not to like? I highly recommend this as a great re-boot, and warn you that it may well make you feel amazing! Now I’m off to celebrate with a teeny tiny glass of prossecco…Everything in moderation. X

So there you have it! Lucky Agapé brides get 10% off a succo cleanse, I highly recommend giving it a try. Any questions, or if you would like to see any before/after photos (which I am not about to post on here!) feel free to email me: xx



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