A Labour of Love...

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Have you seen our Spring window display? It features 1,000 paper cranes, each one made by our beautiful 2014 bride Lizzie for her wedding in an idyllic Mallorca setting.

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Aren't they just beautiful! They must have taken for-ev-er to make, but what gorgeous, elegant DIY decor for a wedding, and especially one which has such sweet meaning behind it- more about that below.

Our mannequin wears the stunning 'Allure' gown by Amanda wakeley, which fits this theme perfectly with its origami pleats and sleek, elegant lines.

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Lizzie herself looked absolutely beautiful in a bespoke fishtail lace gown by Forget Me Not and she has kindly shared with us some totally swoonworthy images of her wedding. The symbolism behind the painstaking process of hand folding 1,000 paper cranes originates in Japanese folklore. Over to our lovely Lizzie to tell you all about it:

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 'Like most brides-to-be, I had my Pinterest board set up and I was forever pinning things that caught my eye. One evening I stumbled across an image of beautiful floating paper birds-curious, I clicked and pinned, and it was then that my Crane fixation began...

Strong and graceful, and because Cranes mate for life, it is considered a symbol of love in Japan. They believe the Crane to be one of three holy creatures that can live for 1,000 years- so the folding of 1,000 is said to represent 1,000 years of a happy marriage. (My mum quite rightly pointed out that folding 100 might be enough!) And the time and dedication put in by the bride represents patience and demonstrates her commitment to their marriage. If I'm honest, I originally just thought they would be a nice addition hanging from the trees in our Mallorcan outdoor wedding - but the sentiment did spur me on when I had moments of realisation that this was going to be a long labour of love!

The first one took me over ten minutes after a lot of pausing over a youtube video, but seven months later, and a slight repetitive strain injury in my thumb from all the folding, I could literally do them in seconds with my eyes closed.

People thought I was mad, but I actually found it quite a relaxing and therapeutic activity which I ended up enjoying, and it was particularly satisfying seeing all 1,000 of them swaying in the wind on our wedding day.'

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Wow. What a beautiful setting for a wedding, and all Lizzie's handiwork is the perfect backdrop to what I'm sure was the most amazing day! Judging by the final image below, it looks like the cranes have been good luck charms for this totally loved-up pair. Congratulations again Lizzie & Tom, and thanks so much for sharing your beutiful origami cranes- they have been hugely admired and we love telling everyone about the special meaning behind them! xx

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